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What is a Healthcare Advocate?

We are trained professionals, from various disciplines, that have a common goal to help people navigate the complex and, at times, overwhelming healthcare system. Each healthcare advocate uses their personal and professional experiences and education to support clients with medical and other healthcare needs.


It is my personal goal, as a healthcare advocate, to ensure my clients, from diverse backgrounds, understand their treatment options and feel comfortable with their healthcare decisions. My services are mostly focused around medical advocacy, care coordination, and advance care planning, but as my work with clients expands so do my services. I am client-centered, putting the greatest emphasis on care when it comes to being a healthcare advocate. I truly believe in an individual's right to personalized care to meet their unique needs.

Medical Advocacy
  • Collecting client medical history and client goals for care and services

  • Working with clients and their family on developing the best medical care team

  • Accompanying clients to medical appointments

  • Facilitating communication between the client and their medical care team

  • Ensuring client's medical professionals have key information

  • Cross-provider communication

  • Providing clarity and support around client treatment options

  • Reviewing and interpreting test results, communicating results for client understanding

  • Assisting with researching medical care and provider options so that clients can make informed decisions

  • Working with the clients on seeking second opinions

  • Medical record keeping

  • Wellness checks and visits to clients as frequently as needed

Care Coordination
  • Coordinating care giver support

  • Aiding the client in developing a comprehensive medical care team

  • Collaborating with the client's medical care team for best results

  • Linking clients and their families to medical and non-medical resources and services

    • Financial support services

    • Equipment needs and services

    • ADA resources

    • Legal support

    • Medical insurance

    • Other community resources and services

Advanced Care Planning
  • Clarifying client goals on end-of-life treatment options

  • Providing information on palliative care, hospice, and other end-of-life treatment options

  • Assisting with completing advance care documents

  • Coordinating with predetermined Medical Power of Attorney

  • Facilitating communication with the client and their selected medical care team, family members, and powers of attorney on client care decisions.


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